Online high school reviews and testimonials from students who got their high school diploma online through Liberty High School.

I Was Able To Fulfill My Dreams

I had a very good experience as a liberty Highschool student. The staff at liberty Highschool were very helpful answering all my questions. Thanks to liberty Highschool I was able to fulfill my dreams and go to college to study holistic medicine.


I Would Most Definitely Recommend Them

It’s a good learning institution. I’ve been with them a few months now & my experience overall is good. They get back to me really fast when I email or call with a question. I would most definitely recommend them to other prospected students.


Good Experience

My experience was very good.


I Had Such A Great Mentor Helping Me

I will begin by saying that I was very pleased by the help I recieved since the 1st day I decided to go with the program. First of all I had the BEST person helping me Johnny L*** ( he was more like my mentor ) I expieranced quite difficult times with certain parts of the packets. But thanks to Johnny I was able to complete them all. Johnny would guide me through each and every step that would make it easier for me to understand. Every question I had was answered with out a doubt. Although I took my time to accomplish the packets , I managed to finish, feeling relieved and blessed that I had such great mentor helping me. I would highly recommend this program to anyone whom is interested, especially if Johnny L*** is going to help them like he did to me. Thank you very much Johnny L*** for every second you dedicated to me by mentoring me through my tough times.


I am Very Pleased With The School

I am very pleased with the school. They helped me through a journey i struggled with. Thank you


If You Put Your Mind To It You Can Do It!

I signed up in Liberty High School a year ago and had to extend my focus in school due to personal reasons. But when January 2,2017 came I put myself into the books and finished it in less than a month. The team has been very supportive and helpful In my journey. I’m very happy that they didn’t give up on me and had patience with me. This program is very helpful for a lot of people like me that couldn’t finish school when they had to and decided to finish it regardless. Don’t matter you age or how long you been out of school, trust and believe if you put your mind to it you can do it! Best of luck to all & Im proud to say I am a Grad!!


You’re Never Too Old To Get Your Diploma

I have never finished any other program for my high school diploma due to the lack of it being boring for me but this program was the best and I made it and now I’m thinking of college. Remember you’re never to old to get your diploma I know. Best school ever.